HorsemanshipHarry Whitney ___

Ever wished for some intensive time to focus
just on yourself and your horse?

Thought how fantastic it would be "talk horse" non-stop
without the other person's eyes glazing over?

Wondered how to ever learn all the little subtleties of good horsemanship?

Maybe you'd just like some qualified feedback about how to take
your horsemanship to the next level.

If you'd like to LEARN and EXPERIENCE
in a great learning environment with like-minded folks ...
these Adult Horsemanship Camps are just what you've been looking for!

What's so different about these clinics?
"Time and time again, riders hire trainers for their horses and come to depend on being told what to do without developing an understanding of how to do it themselves. Harry likes to say he is in the 'awareness' business. He is here to teach you how to see what he sees in a horse so you can leave his clinics with a clear understanding of how to develop your relationship with your horse. Harry is particular, for your sake and the sake of the horse. In order to be clear, a person needs to be precise. In order to be precise, you have to understand what you are teaching your horse and why."

A friend of ours wrote that a few years ago and we couldn't have said it better!

We want people ... students ... to have a REAL opportunity to LEARN. We feel very strongly about students receiving individualized attention, that they have the opportunity to freely ask questions, and have the time to explore what has been presented. All of this is in an atmosphere of
encouragement. AND ...from an extremely talented trainer who is committed to people truly learning. Well, what better way than small groups, for a week, in a place where you don't have to worry about much but your own activities?!

What is the format?
If you are used to "traditional" clinics, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the way life goes during your week here. Each day starts at breakfast with discussions of any variety of topics or questions as well as planning the activities and focus for the upcoming sessions. Often, Harry will begin Monday morning by doing some bit of demonstration. There is no format to this ... it may just be that morning's discussion prompted an area he felt would be a good introduction to the week or an area he is currently working on improving with his own horses.

At the start of each week, each horse and rider will have at least one individual session with Harry. This gives him a chance to meet your horse and to jointly set out the area(s) you'd like to work on during the coming week. You can come with something specific in mind or simply ask to get his feedback and direction on improving and moving ahead in your personal horsemanship.

Small Group
As the week progresses, there are group activities -- always with continued individual attention. In addition to groundwork and riding in the arena, there may be light cow work (thoroughly enjoyed by even skeptics), short trail rides, and any other things we can cook up.

We welcome auditors (students attending without a horse). In fact, if you've never seen Harry before and are thinking of riding in a clinic with him, we strongly recommend that you attend first as an auditor. Those familiar with "natural horsemanship" will not likely be surprised by Harry's approach. However, concepts may be new to some folks and can require a bit of thinking outside a "comfort zone". We think you'll like what you see and hear but we want you set up for success.

Having said all that ........ auditors are treated like the riding students in terms of full access to Harry for questions and discussion. These are very interactive weeks and the learning is for everyone!

While it's certainly not necessary to attend for the entire week, we recommend that you attend as long as you can. Think of this as a school, of sorts. The continuity of the entire week gives the best overview of start-to-finish -- all the changes and HOW and WHY they occurred. Quite a few students sign up to audit a week (or more) and then to ride a week. They find that it gives them a fuller opportunity to digest all that they see and hear and helps when they then go to apply the work themselves. If you can only come for one or two days, we
strongly recommend that you make this a Monday or Tuesday.

We work, rain or shine. (There's a five dollar fine for whining.) Any rain at that time of year is usually short-lived and not enough to delay us much. Any non-horse time means lectures and demonstrations on saddle fit or bits or some other equally worthwhile and important topic. If you are concerned about temperatures, Harry has said that actual riding times may be adjusted to accommodate heat indexes. Fortunately, with the new covered arena, we should see little, if any, downtime.

And always ... there is discussion, discussion, discussion. Most evenings will find Harry still around the dinner table answering any and all questions students have on their minds.

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