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Horse Owners, Riders, Instructors, & Equine Healthcare Providers ... This is a Course for You!

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Class size is limited!

The Biomechanics Course is a two and a half day seminar of lectures and labs. Download the full course description.

If you are wondering if this course is for you, please read over these
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During this Seminar, you will:

  • Learn the biomechanics of HOW a horse's body works to move in balance and collection
  • Discover the importance of riding horses in healthy postures to strengthen and enhance equine well-being
You will learn:
  • What to look for in healthy movement and muscular development
  • What creates healthy posture in horses
  • How to evaluate a horse's conformation from a new perspective
  • Exercises to develop horses' postural strength

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    JILLIAN KREINBRING is a clinician and presenter we plan to include in our schedule.  After attending one of her workshops in Maryland this past year, I was so impressed with her and the quality of her presentation and the help she provided riders that I have been on a mission to get her to come to Mendin' Fences. Jill offers this course in a way that truly makes the information accessible and ........ USABLE!!  She has synthesized information and research from leading experts and put this together in a combination lecture and horse lab weekend.  THEN ... she helps each rider use that information to assess their own horse and to address areas to help that particular horse work to his best ability, in soundness and physical balance.  In addition to her great "eye" and ability to make this into practical applications, she works with riders on their own balance and riding skills.  A wonderful, all-round complement to our education and to our work with Harry.


    Biomechanics Course - 2 1/2 days of Lecture and Labs (Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday)
    Fees: $350 (includes course registration and lunches on Sat and Sun)
    DEPOSIT: $100 to hold your spot

    Riding Instruction/Horse Assessment with Jillian Kreinbring
    Fees: $80* - includes lunch, day stalling, and auditing lessons on alternate day

    Lessons are closed to outside auditors but anyone taking lessons may audit all the lessons. Lessons are available for anyone who has taken the Biomechanics Course.


    • Lodging: $25 per night
    • Stalling: $10 per night

    *must have taken the Biomechanics Course prior to these lessons

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