2016 and 2017

Well, another clinic season with Harry is done. Another GREAT set of clinics. The Intensive format is a big hit and I'm sure Harry is trying to figure out how to handle that on his schedule. Students say they get a lot out of those clinics because we get to see Harry riding five horses those four days.
Deposits for 2017: Since people have been asking, let me review the deposit set-up: If you want to ride (in either format) next year, you need to send in a deposit ($200). You can postdate this for the end of the year or for the first of 2017. In Oct/Nov, Harry and I talk and discuss how many weeks of deposits are in so he can determine how many of each format and the dates. Once we have that estimated, I make up a tentative schedule and let the people with deposits know. Once they confirm that the scheduled week works for them, we put those deposits in the bank in January. We will continue starting mid/late May.
So ... if you think you want to ride, please send in a deposit.
A BIG thanks to all our riders and auditors. I don't think we can tell you enough how grateful we are to have such enthusiastic learners and such respectful and helpful guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!