Stalling ________

We now have eight covered stalls and three uncovered stalls available. Base footing in each stall is clay and some grass. If you would like different bedding, please bring shavings with you or ask if we have them available for purchase.

We have several large turnout areas as well as a few smaller areas. (During clinic times, rotation schedules are arranged amongst students.)

Hay MAY be available for sale -- please check with us on our current supply. Hay is NOT to be used for bedding. Water is available and easily accessible. You will need to provide your own feed and water buckets. A manure wagon is available and each student is responsible for cleaning their own stall(s).

Stalling is $10 per night, per horse. (Whitney clinic registration is all inclusive so stalling fees don't apply unless staying additional nights.)

Sorry, for insurance reasons, no pets are allowed (exception, of course, for Dog Training Seminars).